Leaf Impressions

Leaf Impressions

Two styles of jewellery, both made from recycled silver and decorated with freshwater pearls. Natural leaves are impressed into the silver to create unique surface textures. 

Seed Pod Collection

Inspired by the shape of seed pods, these large convex forms are suprisingly lightweight. The surface texture is the result of impressing skeletonised leaves into recycled sterling silver. Freshwater pearls are suspended on decorative threads, and sway as the wearer moves.

Acer Collection  (2 top left images)

I have a delightful Acer Dissectum Atropurpureum in my garden. The delicate shape of it's leaves have been preserved forever in these pieces. Grey freshwater pearls hang within the concave forms.

Please note, functional parts (eg chains and fasteners) may not be recycled.